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People often come to me saying they are on a spiritual path, but they feel something is missing. They work hard on their inner world and do everything they think will help move them toward their goal of God awareness. And yet, there is still that Divine discontent.

The individual approach to spiritual enlightenment may vary, but each one of us is doing our best. We read spiritual books, we meditate, we pray, and yet, we feel we are not getting anywhere, or at least, we are not getting where we think we should be. Sometimes, I read a poem by one of the Sufi mystics, and I can feel that awareness welling up inside me. The book is set aside, and I venture out onto the freeway, someone cuts me off, and everything I felt only a few short hours earlier goes flying out the window.

I want to know the light of God is in everyone and everything. When I am surrounded by peaceful events, I feel this with every part of my being, but when I get out into the world, nothing has really changed. Hearing the Truth or reading it in a book does not set me free. The freedom comes when I make that Truth my own, integrating it into my awareness, putting my complete focus there minute by minute, day by day, year after year. I must make it my own by constant vigilance about my own thought and by staying in integrity with principle. Dr. Robert Bitzer, the former pastor of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, said, “Never compromise principle, even for special occasions.”

I have felt closer to God sometimes in my sorrow and fear than I have in hope and joy. How can I make my connection to God when my life is such a mess? Don’t wait to know God; give your life to God while you’re still a mess. A shift in consciousness takes place, and you can see how far you’ve come.

“The essence of man [woman[ is discontent, divine discontent –  a sort of love without a beloved, the ache we feel in a member [arm or leg] we no longer have.” – Jose Ortega y Gasset