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The Science of Mind is practical spirituality. Ernest Holmes, the founder, didn’t claim to be the chosen guru or a messiah of any kind. There was no particular revelation or illumined vision or any angel that came to him in a cave in the desert. Ernest said the knowledge he imparted was always and will always be available to each generation. Some of us understand it and some ignore it. That’s not new information.

The resurgence of attendance and the growing numbers in class is what’s new information. The new student of Truth is here because they have discovered that what they have been doing to this point has not worked, and they know if they “don’t like the effect they are getting in their lives, they must change the cause.”

At his best and most powerful, this is what Dr. Holmes taught, and this is what shows up in our own Science of Mind [textbook]. The first four Roman numeral chapters of the textbook contain the definitive, all-encompassing truth. There is nothing new in those chapters, but the way in which the new student grasps this Truth and uses it to live by is what is new.
We can change conditions in our lives, but it must begin with the individual. What is happening in our communities and our world is only the collective consciousness reflected from the individuals. The new student understands this better than I ever did at the time I took my first class. What is the thinking that created the life I’m living today? And more important than that, what life do I want to experience and what is the thinking necessary to demonstrate that life? I am God’s demonstration of health, wealth, right relationships, and joyful creative expression.

There is sometimes confusion between Religious Science, Scientology, and Christian Science. While there are similarities in form, what we practice as Religious Scientists supports the idea of our now being called Centers for Spiritual Living. Our new, more contemporary name for who we are tells you what we do; we teach people how to live spiritually centered lives, but with all that, we still teach the Science of Mind and that God is all there is.

We believe in the control of conditions through the power of Mind.” – Ernest Holmes